Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

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Unreasonable Behaviour Policy

Michael Parkes are fortunate that most of their clients and tenants are extremely pleasant to deal with, even when circumstances for them are urgent or pressing, or they have a concern about something that needs to be done.  However, in a small number of cases, there are unfortunately a minority who are unable to communicate their frustrations, if any, in the correct manner.  We have therefore followed industry guidelines to ensure our staff are prevented from being the focus of abuse.

Recently, ARMA and IRPM teamed up to conduct their Industry Wellbeing Survey Report, in order to find out what the pressure points were for professionals in the industry. In response to the data that they collected during this survey, they created an Unreasonable Behaviour Policy  to highlight unreasonable forms of behaviour and set a framework for dealing with policy infringements when they arise. In order to safeguard our staff, we have therefore agreed to support and implement this policy.

By supporting the Unreasonable Behaviour Policy, we are establishing clear guidelines to safeguard our staff. The policy is designed to prevent our staff experiencing unreasonable distress at work, and to ensure that they are not expected to meet unreasonable demands. We ask that our customers treat our staff with respect, and will not tolerate rude, aggressive or insulting behaviour. Although we always provide an opportunity for the customer to change their unreasonable behaviour before taking action, this policy also highlights that our staff will terminate phone calls, limit contact and/or inform the relevant authorities when necessary.

If you would like to find out more about the ARMA & IRPM Unreasonable Behaviour Policy, please click here: https://irpm.org.uk/news-articles/industry-wellbeing-survey-report/

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