LED lights give great savings

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LED lights give great savings

LED Lights

We may be property managers and not electricians but we are also members of the ECA as we get important updates and information through from this trusted association.

I have just read with interest one of their case studies about LED lighting and the impact is so good that I wanted to share it with our readers too.

Capital Coated Steel’s have a newly acquired factory in Newport and they have recently changed lighting to new Discus LED high bay luminaires in their 130,000 sq ft headquarters. They have substantially reduced their maintenance costs and energy consumption by replacing their 400w fittings with 120w LED fittings. Not only have they made consumption savings they also have improved lighting! The total overall operating costs of the company for all light fittings has been reduced from £88,712 to £27,581 and the payback period is just 3.25 years. In terms of energy they have saved 595,105 Kwh per year.


What a great story!


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