Is it the end of your Service Charge year?

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Is it the end of your Service Charge year?

As we move towards the end of 2022, many managed blocks and estates are starting to finalise their accounts for the year, and this is often the time that Directors and Shareholders start to think about whether they are getting value for money from their Managing Agent.

Over the course of the year, it may be that little niggles and dissatisfaction about how your site is managed start to become more of an annoyance to you, and your mind starts to thinking about how you can be better managed, with an agent that fills you with confidence and actually keeps your property fully maintained, safe and insured.

If you think that Michael Parkes Chartered Surveyors property management department can assist you, now is the time to make the call so that we can give you great advice on how to move forward with our team fully managing your property.

We manage property all over the South East, including Kent and London and our team manage commercial, retail, office and residential blocks and estates.

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