Health and Safety excuses

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Health and Safety excuses

Do you find it frustrating when people use the words “health and safety” as though it is an excuse?


I recently contacted the HSE challenge panel, following a visit to a hardware store. I asked the shop assistant to explain to me the differences in the various spotlights available for sale. I also needed some slightly more technical advice but I was told that the assistant could not help me for health and safety reasons. The assistant was worried in case they gave me incorrect advice and I relied on it to my detriment.


I’m pleased to have received the following response from the challenge panel:-


The panel has considered your case and on the basis of the information you provided, the Chair offers the following opinion:
\”Nothing in health and safety at work regulations prevents shop assistants providing product information. This company has a general policy that staff do not give detailed advice on matters that they feel are technical in nature unless they are trained to do so – but they do employ an electrician part-time in store to do this. Instead of explaining this policy or involving the electrician, the assistant gave the less than illuminating excuse of \’health and safety\’\”. This case will appear on the HSE website in due course.


In property management, the duty to comply with health & safety regulations falls on the landlord or person responsible for managing the building.  Michael Parkes Surveyors understands that many people feel nervous about health and safety in property management. Why not let our professionals take the strain and ensure that you or the management company responsible for managing the property are compliant. By managing risk and reducing liability we help to keep our clients properties commercially sound and safe. Whether we work independently or alongside advisors we help our clients to understand their responsibilities and to put measures in place to ensure compliance.


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