Annual Canvass

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Annual Canvass

Annual Canvass 2017

It is time for Annual Canvass for the Electoral Register again in Medway, it runs from 1st July to 30th November, with the Register being published on 1st December.

A household Enquiry Form is sent to every residential property in Medway to check who lives there so we can update the Electoral Register.

It is a legal responsibility for each Household to respond. They will be chased up to 3 times to respond to the form, twice by post and finally with a canvasser knocking on the door.

A response is required, even if there are no changes, or the property is empty or there is no one eligible to vote.

We encourage everyone to respond promptly and via one of the electronic methods. This will save thousands of pounds by not having to send reminders and postage and in processing time.

If you need any help or advice on Electoral Registration, you can contact Daune Ashdown, Electoral Services Manager,